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Web app makes work easier, especially in company operations. will help you make it happen. Let's do some changes.
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Let's break the limit and make some changes

We are ready to be a partner that upholds Digital innovation by combining the best functionalities interactively for operations and security. Your data comes first.

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We deliver what you want, when you want it. It’s that simple.

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Our thoroughly selected team came from different background and experience, which create a dynamic working space filled with creative and innovative talents. We value ourselves in action and teamwork.

Mobile App Developer Indonesia, Web App Developer Indonesia, Website Developer Indonesia, UI / UX Designer Indonesia - PT Vodjo Teknologi Indonesia

Our Services

We create products with attention to UI that is friendly for all people and UX that prioritizes functionality. We will match UMKM in terms of programs and economical prices.
Website Development
No more expensive and pricy to make Website Company Profile or E-Commerce. Fast and simple design also make user candidate feel interest about our products.
Get your Domain services at affordable prices and market your business and products to the world.
You can have powerful hosting, and get full access to cpanel.
DigiFin (Digidatama Finance) will make it easier for you to record your finances, up to printing invoices and reporting.
Invitkuy is one of services that focuses on creating online invitations for various events. Let's make invitations online easily. Undang Semuanya, Bayar Seikhlasnya !!
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DigiMan is special web app for your business, in storing and managing all information related to customers and partners in one integrated system.
Helping clients to achieve their business goals by using information technology.
Exclusive corporate emails are now easy to create. Synchronize your corporate email from various devices.
Office and residential CCTV installation and maintenance services..


Fast and effectiveness are important, we choose and do it.
Step 01

The interview process with the client, and recording what they need.

Step 02

Our analyst team compiled work diagrams and designed a prototype project

Step 03

The work process carried out by our team up to the project validation process to the smallest gap prevents product crashes.

Step 04
Review & Maintenance

Final process, review of results with client, and finalization and maintenance within the agreed timeframe.

Now it’s our time. Tell us your business needs
Let’s talk business. With our free consultation service, your new digital adventure is just start now. What are you waiting for ?

Our Clients

We are very fortunate to have formed an excellent partnership with our clients.
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We will respond quickly and provide solutions to your needs in fulfilling digitalization. Free consultations can be done by phone and whatsapp chat which is active and responsive.